Course for Analysts

Course for Analysts

11.1 Strategies for dissemination

STEP 1: “Presentation Unit 11.1 NFIR Dissemination Strategy”

The presentation  for unit 11.1 shows how a social report can be used for the dissemination of analysis results by identifying possible target groups.

It is especially important to stress that:

  • before one decides on the content, one needs to be clear about the “Purpose”. What objective do I purse / What do I want to accomplish by sharing the content?
  • points of contact do not necessarily have to be limited to the field of work. Society might be a stakeholder group that is overlooked easily although its interest in CSR topics and impacts of companies is increasing substantially.

STEP 2: “Exercise Unit 11.1_Dissemination Plan”

The exercise for unit 11.1 is intended to develop a dissemination plan according to the previously introduced structure: TO WHOM -> PURPOSE -> WHAT -> CHANNEL

Proceed as follows:

  1. Define your target group.
  2. Be clear about the purpose that you pursue.
  3. Choose and formulate your content as concrete as possible.
  4. Determine the means of communicating your content.


Material for unit 11.1

Presentation Unit 11.1 NFIR Dissemination Strategy

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