Course for Analysts

Course for Analysts

10.5 Argumentation training

STEP 1: “Presentation Unit 10.5 Argumentation and Logic”

The presentation for unit 10.5 intends to introduce learners into argumentation theory by giving examples of the common logical fallacies and showing how a chain of argumentation is build.

  1. Start the presentation and try to think of  as many examples as possible with regard to the logical fallacies.

STEP 2: “Exercise Unit 10.5_Writing assignment II (1 h 10 min)

The exercise is intended to critically rework units’ 10.3 writing assignment.

Learners should asses the text passages that they have written previously by:

  1. checking for indicator words,
  2. separating descriptive and prescriptive parts and
  3. try to avoid prescriptive language.

Using “Material for Group exercise Unit 10.5_Writing assignment II”, re-formulate the text passages if necessry and formulate chains of argumentation.

Try to complete the task in 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Materials for unit 10.5:

Presentation Unit 10.5 Argumentation and Logic

Material for Group exercise Unit 10.5_Writing assignment II

Participant Material Module 10_Principles of working scientifically

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