Course for Analysts

Course for Analysts

10.4 Sensitizing for obstacles

Unit 10.4 intends to sensitize learners for obstacles in writing objectively and critically by showing the distinction between descriptive and prescriptive language.

STEP 1: “Presentation Unit 10.4_Description vs. Prescription”

  1. Before learners start the presentation, think about the meaning of the words “Description” and “Prescription” and write down a small definition (one sentence each).
  2. Start with the presentation and compare your definition with the explanation of the two words on slide 2.
  3. Continue with the rest of the presentation, keeping in mind that language makes all the difference between being objective vs. subjective, therefore being the cornerstone to a critical social report.

STEP 2: Reflection on units’ 10.3 writing assignment

  1. Reflect on the results from the writing assignment in Unit 10.3 and try to identify descriptive and prescriptive formulations in the passages you have written.


Material for unit 10.4:

Presentation Unit 10.4 Description vs. Prescription

Participant Material Module 10_Language sensitivity

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